Immersion by Jefna M. Cohen


Of sea waves and ice

        In the breath of the Viking, the arctic fox, the lamb

A whale’s exhalation,

Geyser’s exclamation


   Clinging to eyelashes, a halo upon hair

        Into fog and clouds, rising

  Sun-dancing collaborator

Bearing gifts of impish rainbow jigs


 Coaxing forth life from pondweed to fescue,  

        Alpine willow to adder’s tongue

  And in the damp of the peat bog

   Spring, rivulet

Now stream

     Riddler, both kinetic and still

    Slipping through thirsty fingers

        River, patient stonemason

      Hewing since the greening sprout nodded its head in the seed-heart of time

Gnawing and pounding the very place you yourself rambled, that held you


                Were you taken by surprise then,

as you rushed off that ledge?







            Tumultuous congress


                                                                                           A call—

                                                                                                                      Carried on swirling mist