Everyday Birds / by Jefna M. Cohen

Originally published September, 2015

My parents are both artists. My dad has mainly worked in ceramics and my mom, Dorothy, has works in a variety of media. Lately she’s been drawn to printing and book making. She invited me to work with her on this pop-up book. It’s calledBirds Everyday.

She prepared, cut, and bound six books by hand. Two were purchased by art collectors at the Bainbridge Arts and Crafts gallery when it was on display. The book was also shown at a Puget Sound Book Artists exhibit, in the Collins Library at the University of Puget Sound.

Here’s the complete text:

Birds Everyday

Rummaging, skittering, the towhees dart amidst the undergrowth.
Quarreling, contending, the hummingbirds meddle at the blossoms.
Inquiring, discerning, the Steller’s Jay spies our picnic.
Surveying, anticipating, the red-tailed hawk perches atop a pole.
Soaring, sailing, the seagull catches the wind effortlessly, like a kite.
Flirting, circulating, the swifts descend into their chimney for the