The Classroom Is by Jefna M. Cohen

The Classroom is...

Inspiring and motivating,
So many stories to tell!

The minutes move on. 

Questions, discussions, behavior, transitions, bandaids, recess,


Teach them to write, 
Deepen their reading practices, 
Teach mathematical problem solving, 
Teach history,

from all perspectives

Teach them to spell, teach grammar, craft word choice. Teach drawing, and painting and collage. 
Printmaking? Ceramics? Weaving? Sewing? Beading? Oh, yes. Those, too.

Teach eye contact, how to do a proper handshake, and a quality high five.
Now teach NICE. 
I mean teach to the humanity in one another. Teach the "mean" out of children. Teach civility, citizenship, Teach love...
And "Yes, you can play."
Teach PEACE.

Now stop.

Take a mindful moment. 
Teach scientific thinking, hone curiosity, the value of questions. Ask some more.

Honor each other
Teach turn-taking, 
Teach "I'm sorry." 
Try harder, show up, about admit mistakes. 
Investigate the "I don't know."
Dig in--
What does that mean?

There is no end to this list. 

It is the world in a microcosm.

Now breathe.
Teach that.


Time's up.

(First draft on Twitter 4/27/17)