Writer, Mostly.


I'm currently focused on writing for children. Some of my muses include mud, crows, flies, naughty toddlers, slugs, zombies, kids who wish they were bad guys, and cats who control the world. Themes that come up for me revolve around everyday struggles, like not fitting in. My heroes are those who choose to do something good even when that's the tough choice to make.

I've written a number of picture book manuscripts that I'm peddling around to editors and agents, and I have a middle grade novel in progress. My mother, a Pacific Northwest artist, and I collaborate on art books. These can be found on my blog.


I don't staple my manuscripts with my foot, though I may try this someday soon.

I've started preliminary work on an adult novel about my experience as a public school teacher. And, most recently, I've begun illustrating my own work. Samples of my writing are on the Words section of this site, and are also on the blog. 

One day soon, I hope one of my darlings will get to put on big girl pants and become a full-grown published book. Thanks for visiting my site!